BLA-DSS welcomed representatives of Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC)

on 16 May 2024
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          On 15 May 2021, Mrs. Chantarat Vorasapavit, the Director of Bureau of Laboratory Accreditation, Department of Science Service (BLA-DSS) welcomed representatives of Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC) at Meeting room, Fifth Floor, SAL Building, Department of Science Service. On this occupation, Mrs. Chantarat Vorasapavit with the BLA-DSS team actively exchanged the body of knowledge and experiences required to develop the accreditation process and system for laboratory testing. This also allowed both Accreditation Bodies (Abs) to express own determination and need in ways that they sought for further empowering personnel as well as improvement on its day-by day operations of laboratory accreditation nationally. Regionally, this actually indicates an importance of an effectiveness of their cooperation, which actually mean a harmonization of the Abs.

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