DSS awared the Laboratory Accreditation Certificates to public and private bodies to enhance the confidence in products’ s laboratory testing results and promote quality of life of Thai people

on 31 December 2023
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          On January 30, 2024, Dr. Rungrueng Kitphati, General Director, Department of Science Service (DSS), Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation opened the Accreditation Certificate Ceremony, with a attendance of a total of 15 accredited laboratories including testing laboratories and proficiency testing providers. The event was held in Floor 6, Analytic Chemistry Building, DSS.

        On this occasion, Dr. Rungrueng Kitphati, General Director, DSS, said that according to a 20-year national economic plan and policy and missions set out by Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation, DSS have heavily paid an attention on establishing the high-level quality and service of Thai products. Hence, it is essential to fully take National Quality Infrastructure (NQI) into consideration to strive activities needed for an economic development of the country. However, this requires effective cooperations between national-level sectors to maximise its capacity to accomplish based upon testing, standard of the product, and further improvement of standard. Accreditation body is then one of pillars of the country development in terms of reinforcing system of standard and quality assurance, with response to such ever-changing circumstances. Accordingly, Thailand seeks for national quality infrastructure to overcome such challenges and pressures arising from innovative and technological disruption, changes in customer needs and behaviours, relevant laws and regulations, external environment factors, and mechanism and forms of businesses sectors. This aims to emphasise the importance of the quality of product and service aiming to encourage relevant stakeholders to maximise their capacity for real-world competitive marketplace at Asia Pacific and global levels. This is widely known as the potential indicator of quality and laboratory competence and establish trust in the product and service at both national and international layers and that establish confidence in products’ quality and service made by accredited laboratories to targeted customers.

        Mrs. Chantarat Vorasapavit, Director of the Bureau of Laboratory Accreditation, Department of Science Service (BLA-DSS) delivered a report of accredited organizations as follows:

  1. Laboratory Testing of Sotus International Co., Ltd
  2. Laboratory of Eastern Sugar and Cane Public Company Limited (Wangsomboon)
  3. Seangthong Animal Feed Laboratory
  4. Laboratory of Sri Trang Agro-Industry Public Company Limited (Thungsong Branch)
  5. Ubon Bio Ethanol Public Company Limited
  6. Diagnostic Laboratory Center, Thai Food Research Center Co., Ltd. (Prachinburi Branch)
  7. Environmental Monitoring Unit, Science Center, Faculty of Science and Technology Valaya Alongkorn Rajabhat University Under the Royal Patronage
  8. Laboratory of Mitsomboon Co., Ltd.
  9. Laboratory ThaiNamthip Corporation Limited (Phathumthani Plant)
  10. Laboratory of Agforepax Industries Company limited
  11. Center of Organic Agriculture Standard Development and Surveillance of Agrichemical Residues, Faculty of Agriculture Natural Resources and Environment, Naresuan University
  12. Agricultural Products Analytical Laboratory (APAL)
  13. OMIC Inspection & Surveying Co., Ltd. (Myanmar)
  14. Faculty of Medical Technology, Mahidol University
  15. Medical Life Sciences Institute, Department of Medical Sciences


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